A Campaign to Promote Early Detection of Skin Cancer

During Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we were excited to partner with one of our favorite clients, Anne Arundel Dermatology to create an awareness campaign about the importance of early detection.

The 5-year survival rate for patients whose melanoma is detected early is about 97%. The 5-year survival rate falls to 15% for those with advanced disease. This powerful statistic drove our campaign message: It’s Time. Get Checked.

Get Checked for Skin Cancer

We created a landing page as a central hub for the campaign. Here, visitors could learn about the ways they could get involved and support the cause.

We asked our target audience to share stories that would inspire others to get a yearly skin check-up with their dermatologist. Once they posted to our page’s Facebook wall, they were eligible to win great prizes including $500, $300 or a $50 gift card to Sunglass Hut.

Our goal is to use these stories for future initiatives because they speak volumes about the importance of getting checked for skin cancer.

To educate our target audience about skin cancer and the common misconceptions about the disease we created a quiz app that was hosted on our Facebook page. The five questions addressed sunscreen application, the demographic that is most likely to get skin cancer, and many other issues that people may not realize.

Throughout the month of May, we posted fun and creative images to get people’s attention about skin cancer. These images were very successful engagement tactics:

Fry Day and What to Expect Facebook Images for ad campaign

What to expect Facebook image

In an effort to reach an even larger audience, we incorporated Facebook advertising that sent users to the landing page to learn more about the campaign.

To complement what was happening on social media and the landing page, we sent out over 100,000 emails to the current patient database to promote the contests and information on getting a skin check.

This campaign was a huge success based on the impact it had on the Facebook community. We experienced a 200% increase in reach and over 150% in impressions from April to May. Based on that level of awareness, we were able to increase the Facebook fans by 21%.

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