AT&T vs. Verizon – Network Advertising Battle

Verizon has more 3g coverage. AT&T’s 3g coverage is faster. At least that’s what they say. Both have undertaken recent advertising blitzes to highlight their respective benefits.

Verizon started it all with the “there’s a map for that” spot, which you can see below (intentionally sounding like the “there’s an app for that” spots from Apple/AT&T).  AT&T sued Verizon, and lost. Now AT&T is coming out with spots featuring Luke Wilson talking about the best 3G coverage, to combat Verizon’s spots that show AT&T with inferior network coverage.

Our thoughts are that AT&T has their work cut out for themselves, in that their position has been lacking for a long time. Verizon has been using the “It’s the Network” USP for years. The brand icon of the dude that says “can you hear me now?” is ingrained in consumers minds (well, our minds anyway).

AT&T has had a huge boost with the iPhone and has latched onto “The best 3G experience” as their message. But is it enough considering Verizon has branded itself as the superior network coverage provider for years? There will still be plenty of people who don’t care about the network because they just want an iPhone and right now, and the iPhone is only available through AT&T. But Verizon is working to get the iPhone too; what happens when you can get it through both providers? Will Verizon’s years of investment in branding pay off?

A couple of commercials are linked below – what do you think?

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