And Now, Your Regular Dose of Cyphers Humor

Sometimes you just need a good laugh. With that in mind, we’re proud to present you with what we believe to be the silliest batch of QUOTES yet.

Enjoy.  Share with friends.  Really, we don’t mind.

-Bill Gates should be the one that’s sick, not Steve Jobs. Do you know how many hours I waste fixing his crappy products?! It’s just not fair.

-My one side goes very fast.

-I was trying to poke her, but she wouldn’t let me.

-That’s why I can’t laugh – because it makes my brain weird.

-I could eat harbourtowne.

-I love my (sub)woofer!

-I just went to smell my flowers and stabbed myself in the face pretty bad.

-Scones are fickle.

-I don’t really have a lot of bodily gas.

-I accidentally touched one of your meats.

-I have this goat cheese and it’s really potent. It’s like, what did this goat eat? FEET!?

-We’re the whiniest, most uncomfortable human beings I’ve ever met.

-Lucas often passes out momentarily like a honey badger when his core heats up.


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