A lesson on campaign integration

We recently noticed a campaign that was truly integrated, and we wanted to point out how powerful complete integration can be.

Giveitaponder is a microsite created by mobile-phone-maker LG. The campaign is designed to motivate cell phone users to “give it a ponder” before sending that text message that they might later regret.


We like the campaign because of it’s high-quality content (James Lipton!), integration with social networks, and strategic messaging. They have a YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook page, and also link to a Wikipedia page.

At first glance, we thought the campaign might have been weak (albeit funny) because the LG brand isn’t featured prominently in the ads. But we realized that the ads may be doing that for a reason. Most people don’t buy a phone based on the brand, they usually focus on the features and benefits. Consumers walk into the phone store and walk to the phone with the coolest features or that look neat-o. There isn’t a whole lot of brand loyalty with cell-phones (except for the iPhone!). The ads showcase the flip phones and full keyboards and also do a good job of identifying with their target audience.

Either way, the campaign is certainly integrated, with clear branding and content tailored to each social network.

brb getting a peanut muffin
brb getting a peanut muffin

Of course, we’re ad people, so maybe we’re overthinking it. What do you think of the campaign?

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