Food Tastes Better With a Story

Food Tastes Better With a Story

Does your family tell you that you make the most delicious jalapeño jam they’ve ever tasted? “You should sell this joint, man, people would totally buy it!” The problem is a lot of people make good jam. Yours may taste better, it may not. None of that matters if no one ever picks up your product, and they may not with artisanal food products being as numerous as ever. You can’t just make good food, you need to tell a good story.

Jones Soda Co. makes their own brand of unique sodas, but so do other companies. So how did Jones get into retail locations such as Starbucks, Panera Bread, Barnes & Noble, Safeway and Target? They had a good story. The labels of Jones Soda feature photography submitted by their consumers, making them seem “of the people.” It’s a great story, the upstart soda company that gets down on the same level as its consumers.

This is what you need to think about with your food product, what makes it different? Do the ingredients have an interesting origin? Are they sustainable? Do you have some relatable story to tell?

What’s the message?

This is where an agency is important. A 3rd-party can help you see something about your product that you take for granted. A unique selling point that will resonate with customers who are inundated with thousands of food products every time they walk into the store. And remember, no agency can do it’s job with out free samples…

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