Four Ways Banking Institutions Can Utilize Social Media in Today’s Climate 

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In today’s climate, each industry and its accompanying audience of consumers are feeling the effect of the market fluctuations. When it comes to banking institutions, it’s imperative to utilize current key issues as an opportunity to speak directly to your audience and to show what resources and solutions your organization can provide. Read on for more about how you and your bank can utilize social media to market your solutions-focused services.  

1. Make your presence known where it matters most.  

As a bank, most people wouldn’t think to resort to a platform like Twitter or Pinterest to find solutions to today’s current fluctuations happening throughout the market. Instead, consider where your target audience may be spending most of their time consuming helpful or engaging content, whether across Instagram or Facebook, and launch an account full of resources to stand out amongst their feed. According to a recent study, more than 71% of Americans get their news content from social platforms, so there’s never been a better time to offer support in a place they are most active.  

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2. Create engaging content on how to navigate this market. 

These days, content is everything – while keeping your audience engaged through relevancy and value is an alternate concept. Luckily, today’s market is a growing concern for many consumers, so utilize this trend by creating content centered around which resources your bank can offer through a variety of infographics, FAQs, statistics, and solution-focused posts accompanied by your unique set of branding elements. With this approach, consumers will find genuine value in your content strategy, while simultaneously learning to associate certain elements from your unique brand and the convenient remedies you can bring to them.  

3. Engage with your community and provide further avenues of customer service. 

Along with the handful of resourceful content, it’s also crucial to utilize this as an opportunity to engage with your community and offer additional touch points for customer service. While they could follow the traditional route of a phone call or email from your site, they’re likely going to use your social presence as an easier form of communication, so it’s essential to increase your monitoring presence and engage with them from the platform they’re on the most. To encourage community engagement, consider a few posts surrounding the most frequently asked questions of today’s climate or your individual offerings, and even open the floor to ask what’s top-of-mind through comments or direct messages. 

4. Tune in with community listening to better optimize your content campaigns. 

The best part about community monitoring: you can quickly understand your demographic and “listen” to their conversations or concerns in real time. With those powerful insights, consider collecting them to launch your next social content approach or marketing campaign. This way, you can better understand the pain points of today’s climate, along with the messages people are likely to search for in these micro-moments, and structure or optimize your content or campaign around the solutions your bank can offer. For you and them, it’s a win-win. 

Today’s market is everchanging, but your bank’s social content approach doesn’t have to be. When it comes to utilizing social media, stick to harnessing the power of content, community, and your unique offerings to best market your organization. 

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