What is Your Purple Cow? Book Review and Giveaway 

Purple Cow by Seth GodinSeth Godin’s popular book Purple Cow Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable is about how businesses must have great products and great ideas to promote them in order to succeed. With so many products available a product must stand out from the crowd, be a Purple Cow, to get noticed. The purchase lifecycle of any product includes the innovators (sneezers), early adopters, early/late majority, and laggards. Once that cycle is complete it is nearly impossible breathe new life into a product. Marketers must embrace radically different ideas and take risks to bring a new or existing product to the attention of consumers. The two key messages of the book are 1. Be Remarkable and Take Risks
2. Focus on the Innovators and Early Adopters.

Definitely worth a read. When first published in 2002 this book followed it’s own ideals and was packed in a milk carton and given away for free. This helped build up hype and pushed it to the best sellers list. Now, it is considered a must read for anyone interested in marketing.

We’re giving away this book to an interested fan. Just enter below and tell your friends too!

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