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No one likes to struggle with a design or web development issue especially when they lack a bit of knowledge and flounder through it. That’s why we turn to the amazing collective of human knowledge on the web to help us through design problems. I’ve put together a small list of helpful design resource websites that I often turn to for a bit of insight and help on a regular basis. >Tell-your-story-1-Thumbnail-300x292

  • Smashing Magazine has been my go-to resource for web design trends, free fonts, tools, and new techniques.
  • Best Web Gallery is one of my quick-web-inspiration sites that is nicely laid out and always up to date. I can land on this site and immediately be inspired with some new menu functionality or great responsive grid examples.
  • Dribbble has successfully pulled in every great designer out there and presented their work in concise thumbnails for an excellent, community driven, creative inspiration pool.
  • Codrops is a great collection of free to manipulate web code and design examples with tutorials and great articles about web design trends.
  • A List Apart is a resource I turn to for more refined articles and discussions about big things happening around the web design world. It’s been around for a long time, has it’s own conference, and must be on your radar if you work in the field.

I check in on a number of websites ranging from advertising to typography, branding, art, print design, and culture. For me, there can’t be just one area of interest and focus when every creative idea encompasses so many different pieces of these fields. Our focus can be on advertising and interaction, but we have to gather the inspiration from whatever is around us. Feel free to drop some links in the comments to whatever websites give you inspiration or resources that make your day a little smoother.

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