Tropicana Tries Again

Tropicana Tries Again

Early last year Tropicana unveiled their new brand identity. It was greeted with a fiery outburst that was something akin to how being caught in a solar flare would feel. People were furious for two reasons. First, Tropicana ditched the classic straw-stuck-in-the-orange icon (because getting rid of your most recognizable brand feature is always a good idea, right guys? Guys?). Second, the design Tropicana did go with looked like a generic store brand.

Within a month Tropicana’s market share had dropped 25% and they reverted back to their classic brand look. Well Tropicana is at it again and this time they took a different route. Instead of redoing their whole look (breathe easy, the straw skewered orange is still present), they decided to just rip off Simple Brand.


Classy right? Natural and fresh are the big buzzwords of the grocery world and Tropicana wants a piece of that taco. What better way to get there than try to look like the most recognizable orange juice brand that already has “natural” and “fresh” as part of its brand recognition. My favorite part: Tropicana has a whole section on their website assuring people that the new bottle is good and that the orange and straw aren’t going anywhere. It reads, in not so many words, “We get it, you like the straw, happy? HAPPY?! Please don’t freak out again…” For Tropicana’s sake, I hope the new bottle does well. Personally, I’m sticking with straight gin as my morning beverage.

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