Transitioning to a Digital Agency Work Flow

Transitioning to a Digital Agency Work Flow

In an agency environment, communication and efficient workflow is essential for the overall success of any account. But sometimes that isn’t as easy as it sounds. When you think about the channels a project has to take from start to finish, and the amount of people that have to work on that project, communicating those details becomes quite a challenge. Ultimately there needs to be one place where everything is recorded…a chain of details, instructions, thoughts, etc.

We’re always searching for ways to streamline our work and manage accounts more efficiently. This fall we’ve found a new way to do just that. Enter Workamajig! The software program gives the ability to assign tasks to multiple people simultaneously, set schedules and timelines, record time as project tasks are completed, see at-a-glace reports showing project/client profitability and more. We can even work remotely when needed.

The beauty of a digital workflow is that it allows us to maximize our efficiency and leverage client budgets to go even farther. Gone are the days of giant budgets for traditional advertising placements. These days we’re managing online and word of mouth marketing, traditional media, non-traditional campaign elements…the list goes on. So the better we manage the time we spend, the better we manage the overall budget and the effectiveness for our clients.

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