The Rise of a New Ad Generation

The advertising and marketing field is significantly molded and defined by the people and the technology that live and breathe the art and science behind it. As technology continues to evolve and define the limits we push as marketers, younger generations are growing-up in a world saturated with online communications, brand storytelling and immediate access to information. The ad industry was once a place where aspiring artists went to build successful careers with a paycheck rather than spend a lifetime as a struggling artist. But in today’s world, young marketers are entering the field with the passion, drive, experience and technology know-how to take the industry by storm.

We all know that advertising has been in a constant state of change over the past several years as technology continues to evolve and dictate how we reach and connect with consumers. With this evolution, today’s young marketers grew-up seeing a story behind a brand and as an extension of their own lives, rather than just a product. They grew-up wanting and aspiring to be a part of our industry. The term “ad nerd” arose out of this deep love for artistically designed and carefully crafted content. These young men and women have sparked a new generation of advertisers who see ads not just an avenue to sell a product, but as a story behind a brand.

With abundant opportunities specifically targeting youth with interests in the ad industry, groups, networks and even secondary schools are a growing trend worldwide that foster and enhance the interest and fascination with the field. Universities world-renown for their advertising and marketing programs are shifting their curriculum from traditional advertising methods to integrated marketing strategies and how to effectively implement the use of technology and online communications. With the opportunities to build on the existing talent and passion at a young age, students of the art continue to grow and develop an impressive portfolio that is preparing them take their place in the industry as young associates after graduation.

So what does this mean for the rest of us? The influx of young talent will will drive the creative and competitive edge of the industry, making us push boundaries, yet covet our clients and campaigns more than ever. The effective use of online communications and technology will only continue to grow and dominate as this young group of professionals enter the industry already knowing how to effectively leverage the tool and interpret its data output. With this deep understanding of digital media comes a sincere determination to foster a corporate responsibility that both entertains consumers and sells products. It’s not just about product sales anymore — it’s about creating a brand community on which consumers can depend on for products, resources and information. As the industry continues to evolve, so will its people and the people we attract.

With new creative and passionate minds onboard, the industry will only continue to change the face of advertising and take us all to the next level. Tomorrow’s marketers are entering agencies worldwide with the tenacity, creativity and experience to take the industry by storm. Are you and your agency prepared?

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