The Benefits of Departmental Integration at Marketing Agencies

When evaluating their marketing needs, businesses often are faced with the options of hiring an in-house marketing professional or outsourcing to an agency. One of the most significant benefits of seeking out an agency is that they employ a staff of people who have diverse knowledge bases, skill sets, and perspectives. By encouraging departments to work so closely together, integrated marketing agencies can combine these attributes to produce their best work.

The Cyphers Agency is comprised of 4 departments: our account team that oversees client relationships and manages project pipelines, our digital marketing (PnP) team that manages our clients’ social media pages and collaborates with influencers, our creative team that develops unique content across media platforms, and our PR team that promotes key messaging to increase public awareness and favorable publicity.

Read on to learn more about what members from each team had to say about their daily duties and how they interact with the other departments within the agency.

Account Team

“Working as an Account Executive at TCA requires a high level of continued communication and organization between all teams on a day to day basis. This includes maintaining a detailed understanding of exactly who and what each client’s business represents, as well as their specific needs within each scope of work, to then properly relay internally to the creative, public relations, and digital marketing (push ‘n pull) teams.  This is the essential function of our business model where the account team serves as the face of the agency to all customers, as well as the main communication source between that client and the internal teams that are ultimately producing final deliverables. The account team works in collaboration with each team at the agency to make sure they stay up to date and informed on different clients matters that directly affect strategies and executions.” -Christine Schenk, Account Executive

PnP Team

“As the digital marketing manager, each day can bring about a number of different tasks. However, the one consistency is working with other departments. I work closest with the account team to help manage our clients’ digital marketing needs. The PR department helps keep our stream of content fresh by sending along recent wins for clients and the agency itself. Sometimes that even means pulling in the creative team to craft a custom image showing off the client and the publication they’re in. It’s a fully integrated process and so much fun getting to witness everyone’s talents almost every day.” -Bridget Meyers, Digital Marketing Manager

Creative Team

“After the account team speaks to the client directly (a blessing for those of us on the creative team), they relay the client requests into actionable jobs. After a thorough review of the job is when I collaborate with the Account Executive. I ask questions and get a feel of what the client is looking for. Without this collaboration, the message that the client is trying to convey can get lost in translation. After completing the first draft, the job gets sent to our Creative Director for a once-over, after which I complete any changes we discussed during our collaboration. Everyone cheers’, fireworks go off in the distance, and the client is perfectly happy. That is how it goes in my head at least.”-Mike Jans, Graphic Designer

Public Relations Team

“Our daily routine here in team PR is filled with efforts to maintain and build the public images of our clients. Normally you can find us writing press releases, pitching out and writing articles, monitoring media for client-related news, and responding to press inquiries and articles in our clients’ various fields. We often collaborate with the account team to refine messaging and implement campaigns. Finally, we work on submitting HARO (help a reporter out) queries and coordinating media stays for specific clients. Many of our published pieces then can be shared across social media platforms by our PnP team.” -Scott Bovarnick, PR Account Executive

While collaborating within our distinct teams is necessary for agencies to function, forming strong channels of communication between teams is what allows marketing agencies like TCA to excel. Not only does it give employees a more well-rounded view of client deliverables, but it offers our clients thoughtful strategies that work together symbiotically. Leveraging the unique assets of various teams together is how we achieve our best results.

If you would like help with marketing and advertising, feel free to contact us. We offer a variety of services like digital marketing & analytics, marketing & brand strategy, and more to small and large companies.

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