Social Media and the rise of TikTok During the Pandemic

During the covid-19 pandemic, social media became an emotional escape when the news was focused on the spread of disease and rising death tolls. In turn, social media also became a massive tool for businesses to create brand awareness. Of all social media apps, TikTok rose meteorically during this time. The app with the fun tone grew rapidly as an avenue for entertainment and connection. With TikTok’s audience growing, the age range of creators and users started to increase. When the platform first was launched, usage was highest in 13-17 year olds but now users across all age ranges are on the app. Whether a parent making lunch for their kids or a grandparent getting involved with the latest trends, there really is something for everyone.  As TikTok’s age range grew, so did the purchasing power of the audience, which allowed TikTok to become a great place for small businesses to grow their brands and brand awareness. Being available in 154 countries, like any social media platform, this is a way for small businesses to grow their following and their brand awareness.

Social Media and TikTok

On average, a user makes at least one purchase a month through seeing a TikTok video (I would say my purchasing habits are above average looking back at everything I bought in lockdown). Small businesses especially have been utilizing this platform to promote their brands – plus users will get more personalized products and service rather than purchasing through a larger brand who have higher consumer numbers. And it’s not just organic content that is on the rise, brands have also been jumping at the chance to use the platform paid ads to take advantage of the strong audience presence that had been built in the last year. Whether they want to use ads to gain revenue or to push their content out to a wider audience, it’s very clear that this platform is one to test and see what results can be achieved. TikTok is a great way to escape from reality and watch some hilarious content, but it’s also an amazing platform for brands and companies to grow their business and user following.

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