Quaking Quotes

Not sure if you noticed but on Tuesday Mother Nature must have dropped a 1,000,000lb weight while she was working out and it supposedly caused an earthquake.  Sounds crazy, but it happened.

And now I present to you what TCA sounded like after Mother Nature decided to give us a big old shake!

-My poor dog probably shat herself.

-I feel like God was just teasing us.

-I can’t handle all these tweets!

-Next time this happens we’re all cuddling up under Dali’s desk.

-I thought someone was just getting really upset and shaking the whole office.

-I’d rather fall into a sinkhole on the road than have a roof cave in on me.

-I’m going to put a half hour on my timesheet that says “freaking out about earthquake.”

-I’m very busy looking at the Richter scale of the earthquake.

-How did the earthquake take out my phone?!

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