Powerful Work Tools for Designers

The gap between web designers and developers is rapidly declining due to the rise of web design tools.

UXPin and Invision are great options for web designers. These powerful tools allow you to create websites with their cutting edge design editor.

The prototypes are brought to life with adding drag-and-drop functionality. Within the platform are user-interface libraries to add to your project with the modern web design trends and standards. The option to create a responsive site design is available to ensure your site renders properly on all devices. In addition, all iterations are saved in the dashboard for user testing.

Bootstrap is the most popular choice for building websites and applications with their fully responsive front-end web framework. Bootstrap is currently working on their 4th version and it will be available soon. The new engine will contain updated grid systems, flexbox support, pixels will be changed to rem and em units, discontinuing IE 8 support, and new and updated backend files.

Unlike the platforms mentioned above Bootstrap is a downloadable theme to develop your site. Knowledge of HTML and CSS is required. Bootstrap themes are available for download and is an extension of the bootstrap framework.

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