Pinterest: An SEO Specialist’s New Best Friend

As many Search Engine Optimization specialists can tell you, SEO often requires creative, out-of-the-box thinking in order to find new and effective ways build relevant links and manage pertinent keywords to keep sites optimized. They are always checking out new tools and looking for ways to help support these everyday efforts. Our SEO gurus have taken a particular liking to a relatively new social platform in town, Pinterest.  When integrated properly SEO and Pinterest can maximize overall impact, making them new partners in crime.

This requires the SEO and Social Media Marketing teams to become besties and work together in a manner in which they can understand the best tactical approach for a particular client that will positively effect both efforts.

Here are a few relationship topics our SEO and Social Teams discuss on a regular basis:

  1. Tags – The teams review the client’s goals and the SEO teams current efforts in order to have a full understanding of direction.
  2. Keywords – They chat about what keywords are trending for that month. This will help the Social Team know what keywords they should be including in descriptions and also help with what items they should be pinning based on the trending topics.
  3. Descriptions – The SEO specialist can assist in recommending what should be going in the descriptions (ie. links, trending keywords, etc.)
  4. Links – They share their thoughts on when links should be used and the most important web pages to link to.
  5. Photo Gallery – The two teams put their brains together to decide what relevant content and photos they can use, what boards they can make, etc.

One client that the SEO and Social Media teams have collaborated on with great results is River Glass Designs. The custom glass company has a large photo gallery, full of eye catching work that is well suited for Pinterest. The Social Media team was already managing a Pinterest account for River Glass Designs and creating a solid feed of web traffic for the brand. But when we integrated the efforts it helped boost Pinterest performance as well as SEO impact. The great photo content was ripe for advice from the SEO team to help create strategic descriptions, links and keywords that leveraged existing content to created valuable results on the SEO side.

While Pinterest can serve as a resourceful tool, not all clients lend themselves to this perfect relationship as the platform is not appropriate for every brand under the sun. Pinterest is a highly visual platform that lends itself to brands that have photo-heavy products related to food, design, crafts, etc. So before you run off and create a Pinterest account to help support your SEO efforts, take some time to strategize and make sure the brand is well suited for the platform.

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