Oh the Things We Say…

Oh the Things We Say…

I would like to end this busy week with a little TCA humor. Tidbits of our insightful conversations are worth sharing, because frankly, they’re kind of weird and kind of funny.  Happy Friday!

  • You can’t calibrate a rubber band.
  • Is Niagara Falls in Canadia? (Yes, that’s supposed to say Canadia)
  • My onion hand is distracting me.
  • If we’re going to do this, we can’t expect to get the chickens back.
  • I have nut breath.
  • You don’t realize how much you use your butt until it hurts.
  • Do I sound too gross to go on a date with tonight?
  • They should create a stroller for adults…Answer: They have that, it’s called a wheel chair.
  • I’ll be over here sleeping with my eyes open.

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