Oh the Things We Say…

Oh the Things We Say…

Oh the things we sayYes, we still say off the wall things here. Nothing has changed, nor do I think it ever will. Here are some more entertaining quotes for you to ponder and wonder, what the heck is going on at the Cyphers Agency?

  • Did we just have a collective brain failure?
  • It’s better to be an Ogre than an Ass…
  • I’m going into the wild to take pictures of Jackalopes and other such creatures.
  • How’s your fart sandwich?
  • Underwear is fun to wear.
  • This rivals when Oprah went off the air.
  • Person 1: We have a brainstorm @ 3 | Person 2: Yes, that’s why I need Starbucks, otherwise my brain won’t storm.
  • Can I play with your gun? I just need a little shooting sesh before the meeting.
  • Come on people! Let’s get stupid and start saying stupid things.

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