National Chicken Council Case Study


The National Chicken Council (NCC) represents companies that produce, process and market chicken products across the United States. The Council has a limited budget with a bold goal of building a direct connection with consumers to create an engaged audience that will give them a powerful, positive public relations tool.


To make a national impact with a limited budget, we proposed a comprehensive social media campaign that focused on all of the positive attributes of chicken. Primarily through Facebook and Twitter, we developed a highly engaged, nationwide audience that LOVES chicken. A key strategy has been to keep it light and fun – and resist the industry’s urge to preach PR messaging to the audience. To generate ongoing content, we redeveloped the NCC’s consumer web site, to provide an extensive, user-friendly chicken recipe database. Today, whenever anyone nationwide tweets about “What’s for dinner?” or “Looking for a curry chicken recipe?” – we send out tasty links to the chicken recipe database. Facebook ads entice Moms and foodies everywhere to check out our content and become our Fans. We develop creative campaigns to keep our audience engaged and encourage viral sharing. We have done everything from a video contest with a $5,000 cash prize to smaller, regular rewards for retweets and Facebook quiz competitions.


  • Highly engaged audience of over 128,000 consumers
  • Over 10 million impressions from integrated digital campaigns
  • Over 100,000 direct interactions with original content

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