My Favorite Commercial

My Favorite Commercial

Usually we like to use our blog to comment on industry trends, or significant campaigns in the advertising world. Today though, I’d like to keep it personal, and show you one of my favorite advertisements of all time. And I encourage you to do the same; please post your favorite ads in the comments section.

Hopefully you agree that this ad gives the viewer an incredibly intense emotional connection with the brand. The ending literally makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Here’s why I think this ad is so great:

  • Music – The music is an excellent choice, one of those songs that perfectly matches the visual portion. If I ever am driving really fast in the rain to break up a wedding, that’s definitely going to be the song I listen to. The song is named “One Million Miles Away” by J. Ralph.
  • Filming – The production value of this piece is obvious. Volkswagon put money into the ad, and it paid off with quality that rivals major motion pictures.
  • Meaning – Volkswagon is saying that their owners are passionate and unafraid to rock the status quo (or disrupt a wedding). The life of a VW owner is intense and exciting, sometimes scary. They geniously use a tagline (“fasten your seatbelts”) that holds two meanings. First of all, they want you to fasten your seatbelt. But the second meaning is more evocative: when you get a VW, things get so intense that it’s a good idea to fasten your metaphorical seatbelt. Of course some don’t necessarily think that is a good image to portray, but those aren’t the people that Volkswagon is targeting.

So what are your favorite ads and why?

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