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Meet Kayla, Our Newest Account Executive

Hello!  My name is Kayla Twain and you’re looking at the newest Account Executive at The Cyphers Agency.  I can’t wait to examine client profiles, learn business needs, and bring organizations to the next level with innovative campaigns, fresh marketing concepts, and bold creative choices.

I received my BA in Mass Communications with specializations in Public Relations and Advertising at Towson University.  I have been fortunate enough to gain a lot of different experiences in my career thus far, working with everyone from nonprofits to a large IT firm.  My background is in event planning, social media, ad copy, collateral design, and marketing campaign creation.  I’m looking forward to drawing from these areas to expand client reach and facilitate financial growth.

My love of learning has continued into adulthood, where I force my boyfriend to watch Jeopardy every evening and any documentary National Geographic happens to be featuring at the moment.  Unable to keep myself out of the classroom, I will be gaining my Yoga Instructor Certification at AACC in the Fall.   Healthy living is important to me, but you can usually find me in a coffee-fueled state in search of the closest pack of Reeses’ cups.  Balance is key, right?

I love traveling and most of my vacations revolve around beer and food.  Last year I had the amazing experience of zip-lining through the Smoky Mountains.  I will be making my way to Las Vegas this summer to see the Backstreet Boys in concert.  I promise I’m a grown-up.

I can’t wait to begin working with clients like The Greene Turtle, Taylor Bank, and Pinnacle Advisory Group.  Looking forward to an amazing adventure with The Cyphers Agency!

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