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Lead-Generation Campaign to Secure Memberships

Community banking is a complex and challenging market with continuous regulatory changes, compliance updates, and evolving technology demands. So when one of our favorite clients, the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) came to us for support to increase memberships and revenue, it was no small task. The target audience is relatively small and well educated on ICBA’s products, making it difficult to connect and break through the complacency of decision-makers. But we’re always up for a challenge. Here’s how it went down.


Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) represents more than 4,400 community banks nationwide to provide products, services, support and educational opportunities specifically designed for community banks based on the needs of community bank members.

The association needed to recruit new memberships from its competition with a benefits package that hadn’t changed in several years – in products and services, incentives, as well as cost. The niche target audience of 2700 community banks is small and well informed of ICBA’s products.

Execute a lead-generation campaign that included a membership incentive package to break through the audience’s complacency and engage them with a reason to become a member of ICBA.

While it is the community bank or institution that becomes an ICBA member, it is the bank’s employees that benefit most from a membership with ICBA. Community banking is focused on the relationship the bank has with its community through its employee’s interaction with local residents.

The messaging needed to focus on all of the ways ICBA’s professional development benefits could motivate, inspire and keep employees SHARP.

  • Skilled in their jobs
  • Helpful to customers
  • Accomplished professionals
  • Respected among peers
  • Prized bank employees

When employees are presented with the educational resources and environment to thrive, the bank’s profitability is enhanced.  THEIR SUCCESS = YOUR SUCCESS.

This comprehensive membership incentives campaign successfully increased membership revenue by 122% in 2014 versus 2013 for the association.

ICBA lead-generation campaign

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