Keep Green and Carry On.

earth_day_word_collage In light of Earth Day on Monday, April 22nd we are going to dig deep and try to find the inner tree-hugger in us all. We plan on uniting the office through awareness efforts and encouraging all team members to make earth-conscious decisions not only on Earth Day, but every other day as well.

We have decided to honor this day by enacting some green initiatives around the office, namely conserve energy—and paper. The goal is to go paper-free for the day.  While not possible every day, we are hoping it will consciously remind all team members to be conscious of their paper use. There is no doubt we could all stand to cut back on our energy use as well, which is why the second effort is to conserve energy by turning off lights not in use. Remind you of something your mother used to nag you about or living in your first apartment in college? Our celebration for Mother Earth would not be complete without an earthy activity and green snack. Remember the pine cones with peanut butter and birdseed you made in kindergarten, yea we’re bringing them back.

You can do your part at home and make every day Earth Day by washing clothes in cold water, putting computers/game consoles in sleep mode when not in use, recycling, lowering your thermostat, using energy saving appliances, carpooling, bringing your own bags to the grocery store and buying locally.

Earth Day is a friendly reminder every year that we all have to do our part in preserving the world we live in for future generations. While one day a year can certainly not combat the environmental challenges that we are faced with every day—we are trying to do our part. @Earth we love you have a fab #EarthDay.


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