Introducing… Quotes of The Week!

We have a saying around The Cyphers Agency office – well, really its just one word – when someone says something especially funny, dumb or just weird: “QUOTE!” We finally decided that we couldn’t keep these priceless quips to ourselves – they were just too hilarious (or so we think). So, without further ado, Quotes of The Week*.

I’m so hungry I was gonna lick that.

Are you eye balling my analytics?!

I thought you were gonna say something really important like…I bought you all a piece of CAKE!

I can’t use my Harry Potter skills – don’t want the Muggles to know.

…What are you doing? Response: Playing with my carrots.

Crappers…that puts us in a bad situation.

Meatballs are delicious. I just wouldn’t want to be one.

The simultaneous saying of things is not working for me. I like to be an original.

By working out, I mean walking upstairs.

It’s like a white Hanes Mens tank top. I’m not about to look like an episode of Cops.

We are the best team of all teams that have ever teamed.

I would social media all over that!

Fortunately for you, we are this funny every week! If you want to see us making fools of ourselves even more (see: Ugly Sweater Day), check back for more quote-worthy hilarity.

*These happen to be from the past few weeks, but from now on you will get a weekly dose of quotes!

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