How Trade Associations Should Promote New Research

strategies for trade associations to promote new research

Promotion-ready research marks a huge milestone for trade associations. However, before pushing the message out, it is crucial to have a creative and well-planned promotional strategy. Your strategy should identify who you want to reach and engage with through your research and key messaging. Check out these key strategies and tips for implementing each to promote new trade association research. 

Share your research with association members, investors and stakeholders

Members, investors and stakeholders are the core of trade associations. They look forward to receiving new resources and updates, so it’s crucial to properly promote new research to these groups.  

Start by creating a toolkit that explains research findings and key messages in ways that appeal to different groups among members, investors and stakeholders. Toolkits can include infographics, Q&A, blog posts, videos and additional supporting graphics. 

Then, promote toolkits through newsletters, annual or quarterly reports, and social media platforms. Visit our recent blog post to learn more about sharing information with members here.

Further discussed in the next strategy, website landing pages dedicated to research are also beneficial for reaching the key groups. 

Tap into the media to promote your research through a public relations campaign

An effective strategy to promote your research beyond members and investors is through a public relations campaign. However, there’s a lot to the process, so this strategy will involve careful planning. Below are some of the nuts and bolts of a PR campaign that trade associations can use to promote new research.

  • Write a press release announcing the publication of your research that summarizes the findings and key messages. Then, distribute it to reporters and other media professionals who write about topics related to your research.
  • Create a landing page dedicated to your research so reporters and other media professionals can easily access resources and share them across their channels. Your landing page should include a fact sheet, FAQ, infographics, sample social media posts, and other relevant information.
  • Coordinate media interviews to appear in podcast episodes or broadcast networks. This will promote your research to larger audiences and add value to your trade association’s brand by appearing as a thought leader. 

By carefully planning a creative promotional strategy and utilizing the tips above, trade associations can not only provide valuable resources to members, investors and stakeholders with new research, but also promote the value of both their research and their brand by tapping into the media as a thought leader. 

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