How Ongoing SEO Keeps Your Association’s Website on Top

Once your association’s website is ranking high for your top keyword phrases, how do you keep the momentum going and build on your success? Ongoing SEO is the way. Basically, it’s a process of monitoring your website and adding new content to target related keyword phrases. By using website optimization techniques, your content reaches your current members and attracts new members.

Monitor Results with Google and SEO Tools

We monitor websites by looking at Google Analytics reports and Google Search Console to see what sites are sending people to our site? What keyword phrases are people entering to find us? What content are they looking at when they arrive? In addition,  what other content do they look at and where do they leave our site? This helps us to know what content is more important and where we might need to improve. This could include fixing 404 missing content errors or adding a call to action.

In addition, we use SEO tools like those offered by,, or that scan our websites to get an overview of how they’re performing and see if there are any errors or issues that need fixing. By fixing issues, your users have a better experience when visiting your site.

Firstly, we determine that a keyword phrase is bringing traffic to our website and is relevant to what we offer members. Secondly, we update existing content that targets this keyword phrase to offer more information or add more content focused on similar phrases to extend our coverage of the topic. Thirdly, we look for related content on our site and inter-link to it from the new content.

Google search results where our association's key phrase ranks highly.

Peek at Competitors’ Results

Research competitors to see what they offer for your keyword phrase. To do this, search the term on Google and check out the top results. Often, you will get ideas for adding new content to your site based on what is missing from the competitor’s coverage. Don’t copy what they do but offer something more comprehensive and backed by your association’s expertise. Relate it to what your association’s members need. Interview members on the topic to see what they want to know.

Take comparing competitor’s results to your site to the next level using an artificial intelligence tool Rival Flow AI (link opens new site). It scans a website’s page that ranks higher for a search term than your site does and tells you what you can do differently to rank higher on the topic. 

Keep Up-to-Date with Blog and News Posts

Adding new content including interesting visuals regularly and promoting it helps keep search engines interested in your site and gradually builds more links to your content from reliable sites. Your site will grow a reputation as a reliable source for your association’s audience. Use social media to promote your content to help with the process of building in-links and site strength.

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