Google AdWords Training Takeaways

We had an awesome morning learning the ins and outs of Google AdWords with WebMechanix, a local inbound marketing firm here in the MD/DC/VA area. I went into this training with almost no knowledge of AdWords and now I feel so much more comfortable with what I should and shouldn’t be doing. The WebMechanix team helped with AdWords campaign pitfalls and strategic framework and answered all of our questions on how to improve our client’s AdWords accounts.

The most important thing we took away was the equation: cost per click / conversion rate = cost per acquired lead. Think about that next time you are evaluating if your campaign is working. Also, remember “Google AdWords rewards the least lazy.” It is not enough to create an awesome campaign, it needs constant management.

These 4 painful mistakes are definitely ones to stay away from when it comes to Google Adwords:

Tracking Issues

  • No conversion rate
  • Broken / inaccurate tracking
  • Tracking the wrong things, very diligently

Targeting Issues

  • Poor targeting (too broad / disorganized)
  • Poor / messy account structure
  • Poor landing page targeting / optimization

Bland Offers – So What? Factor

  • Ignoring human psychology / emotion
  • Not testing headlines and important copy elements
  • Failing to effectively differentiate / articulate USP

“Set It & Forget It” Syndrome

  • Not eagerly testing new ad copy
  • Not eagerly finding new offers / landers
  • Not eagerly finding new keywords / audience
  • Not eagerly closing the loop with sales and adjusting things to suit

A big thank you to WebMechanix for an informative hands-on training about AdWords. We look forward to the next session!

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