Funny Friday’s – Oh the Things We Say Part 1

Funny Friday’s – Oh the Things We Say Part 1

I look forward to compiling this list and letting everyone know the awesome things that seem to pour out of our mouths here at TCA. This month we’ve been on quite a roll and will require two parts. So enjoy Part 1 of our Funny Friday series of nonsense.

  • Do the pencil, clench your butt and then pray.
  • I have a weird fear of getting lost at sea on a small raft, by myself.
  • I never cry in public…unless I’m super drunk.
  • You’ve reached a whole new plane of efficiency.
  • Please let me blow on my computer in peace.
  • If I wake up before 630am I throw up.
  • I had a wild parenthesis and I didn’t know where it came from!
  • You smell like nuts.
  • It’s always nice to look at the list before you have to edit it for public consumption.
  • I just used the term ‘darn tootin’ and it felt good.

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