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Enhancing the Website Functionality for Grain Foods Foundation

We recently launched a new brand and web site for the Grain Foods Foundation (GFF),, a national trade association whose primary mission is to be a helpful, expert group of thought leaders and advocates for all grain foods.

When developing the web site strategy and goals it was important to establish a GFF brand foundation and provide one central location that would serve all GFF audiences and campaigns. It was also essential to develop a simple and seamless user experience.

In terms of overall website functionality, we created an infrastructure to allow for content expansion and future campaign initiatives, navigation hierarchy that allows users to self-diagnosis, a fully responsive design, as well as advanced site search capabilities.

To really make the site stand out, we included animation on the homepage to drive home the value GFF brings to each audience. Illustrated fly-out menus are used to intuitively present the breadth of information on the site.


Grains Food Foundation Website FunctionalityGrains Food Foundation Website User Experience

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