A Day in The Life: Paul, Production Artist

I’m a pretty private dude, so if it were up to me no one would know what my day is like. But I’m told we’re sharing, so here it is.


I have three boys under the age of 12 so coffee doesn’t even begin to cut it. I go straight for the Red Bull in the morning. As a Production Artist, I’ve learned that the measure of a man is in the size of his stack. There’s no stack of job jackets that’s too big for me to handle. I plug in and plow through.

Occasionally I have to talk to a suit about a job. If you have to deal with an account person, Danielle isn’t a bad one to work with. But really, I prefer the company of my desk companion – Madame chicken.

There’s always a mix of other stuff going on — from press checks to creating brochure mock ups to helping out with new business to staff meetings. But at the end of the day, there’s always another stack of job jackets waiting for me.

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