Day in the Life of a Senior Account Executive

Day in the Life of a Senior Account Executive

I say I am a Senior Account Executive (my official title) but as many people know I am the queen of multi-tasking and wearing a lot of hats – account executive, traffic manager, production manager, client billing, Workamajig pro, working mom, and the list goes on and on. Here’s just a sneak peek of how my days usually play out.

FullSizeRenderCoffee within minutes of dragging myself out of bed. Definitely not a morning person. My Kuerig is one of my closest friends.






FullSizeRender 7Get lunches and bags packed and ready to go. Next…get Mckinley awake and ready for school. Always a challenge since she too is not a morning person.





FullSizeRender 5Mckinley up and ready. Don’t let this sweet face fool you…she was just sassing me about something just minutes before. Still adorable though.








IMG_4285Drop off at school by 7:45am and sit in my daily dose of traffic on I-97.








FullSizeRender 15Made it to work by 8:30am…WOOHOO. Feels like I’ve worked a full day already with the morning routine. MORE COFFEE!








FullSizeRender 13Traffic manager time – sort projects for creative, discuss and shuffle timelines…all fun things!








FullSizeRender 16Lots of email, project management, proofing, answering phone calls, etc. 11:15am…thinking about lunch!






FullSizeRender 18Lunch has arrived! Beautiful day to take lunch and eat outside.







IMG_0692More meetings, more projects, more phone calls and emails. And usually more coffee around 3:30pm.






Time to go home to my other full time job – MOM (sometimes more difficult than my day job).


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