Creatively Leveraging Existing Interactive Technology and Frameworks

We in the creative world often ask ourselves, “Where do I begin?” We find inspiration through agency blogs or through stumbling on agency work through other outlets, like Twitter or Facebook. Then come sketches and brain storms and meetings and phone calls. The implementation slowly building through wireframes, sitemaps and further meetings with the minds. The implementation of interactive work is always building from an existing form of technology from the rudimentary wireframe to the latest front-end framework.

Leveraging these existing technologies (like the JQuery library and CSS frameworks) will always come down to a creative way to re-use what has already been done. Programmers, designers, builders, cooks and advertisers all re-use pieces of recipes and tools that have already been tested and proven. As a front-end web developer begins a project they want to use the latest technology and don’t want to completely re-invent the wheel. True creativity comes from knowing these existing tools and expanding on them or sometimes adding your own work to the framework, not always starting from scratch. Learning and building upon the basics is necessary for a short period of time, but we all should strive to grow into someone that can learn quickly and most importantly learn how to navigate new technologies to begin using them as soon as possible.

I came across a nice comparison chart to help you quickly get started using a CSS framework for web development here.

CSS Front end Frameworks with comparison By
CSS Front end Frameworks with comparison By

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