Canva: Do’s and Dont’s for Social Media Marketing

Canva Brand Kit

Arguably one of the greatest additions to the world of social media marketing, Canva has created the chance for many to develop and implement their own unique content designs. Now with this useful tool at your disposal, it’s imperative to understand the true do’s and don’ts of the platform and ensure that your content strategy is purposefully executed in the most essential way.  

Upload a brand kit.  

A Canva Brand Kit allows you to upload your existing brand assets to the platform in an effort to stay on brand with each unique design. When utilized, you’ll be able to access your pre-set brand fonts, logos, colors, and more at any time, establishing a level of brand consistency across your content strategy.  

Don’t rely on templates. 

It may seem controversial, but every user has the same template options, so be careful not to use them in their entirety each time you create a graphic. Instead, utilize these templates as a guide – carefully choosing the elements, colors, and design aspects that resonate with your brand and target audience, while taking the chance to put your individual spin on it. This will make your content stand out on the feed while still using elements that perform well amongst the current design or consumer trends.  

Less is more, especially on Canva.  

Although having a selection of diverse templates and design elements at your disposal 24/7 can seem optimal, it’s important to know when to use select ones and why to follow a concept of simplicity most times. When creating a design on Canva, it’s important to follow a consistent content strategy each month with a mix between photos, graphics, testimonials, and whichever best fits your agency-recommended social guide. Stay true to your brand guidelines through the Brand Kit fit with your original likeness and avoid creating any overly-branded graphics. This will provide a feed full of consistency mixed with a sense of originality, while further instilling higher brand recall amongst your audience. 

Don’t disregard your target audience.  

One of the greatest rules of Canva and any social content strategy is to know your target audience and ensure that the designs you’re creating represent them. If your audience happens to be the ever-changing demographic of Gen Z’ers, consider using an array of fun, bright, and unique elements that you may not get to utilize otherwise. On the other hand, if it’s a corporate flyer unveiling your organization’s latest innovations, possibly consider a more formal and polished set of design choices. 

Canva has opened the doors to creativity, and it’s more important than ever to understand how and when to use various elements on the platform. Thanks to the help of a powerful content strategy, you’ll never miss the mark. 

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