An Inside Look: The WOM Department Goes To A Party

So far, I’ve only talked about what goes on in The Cyphers Agency office. Don’t get me wrong, the hours between 9 and 5 have been pretty fun since I began working here. But Jocelyn upped the ante last week when she invited me to the annual Halloween party hosted by the Baltimore chapter of the American Advertising Federation.

Admittedly, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this type of event. Would ad folks from rival agencies be sizing each other up? Would I need to have an elevator speech at the ready? I was assured that this party would be light on the networking and heavy on the good times. That was all I needed to know to commence brainstorming brilliant costume ideas with Jocelyn… the Kardashians!

Before and After

“Kim” and I showed up at The Waterfront Hotel fashionably late, as celebrities do. The party was packed, complete with very tasty chicken fingers, adult beverages and ‘80s pop. I got to meet a lot of cool people in our industry, including two women dressed as old and new Gap – great idea, huh?

The rockin’ party

In just a few months at The Cyphers Agency, I’ve gained exposure to the whole wide world of advertising, both in the office and out. It was a really cool opportunity for me, the lowly intern, to get to mix and mingle with some really talented folks.

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