A Healthy Dose of Laughter, Courtesy of The Cyphers Agency

A Healthy Dose of Laughter, Courtesy of The Cyphers Agency

Here at The Cyphers Agency, we are very concerned about your health.  Since we know laughing is a great way to stay healthy, we have decided to provide you with some free health care…

And now your prescribed dose of QUOTES!

-Is this supposed to remind you of Abe Lincoln?

-Remember to turn off the faucet or the dolphins will die.

-I have a mild to medium cold.

-All her fingers are the same length.

-He’s a violent cold hearted killer…in video games.

-My chap stick was in Vietnam.

-Sticky notes are really food for getting dead skin off your body.

-There are teenage boys tonguing each other while I’m trying to enjoy my vodka.

-I’m trying to be leisurely.

-My peripheral vision hasn’t gotten used to you yet.

-I would never segway near a cliff.

-Maybe you’re just a shitty biscuit maker.

-That sounds very rapey.

-You need to be nicer.

-Bad things happen when I touch it.

-Hey!  It’s Cinco de Mayo!

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