A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer

A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer


My work day usually starts around 8:30. Once I arrive, I look through my list of job jackets and prioritize what to do based on importance/due dates/length of project.


I usually have about a million windows and programs open as I’m never working on just one thing! I use a lot of different programs for a wide variety of projects.


Lunch time! I typically go to one of 4 places. Today was Whole Foods! Other times I enjoy Chipotle, Panera or I’ll run home quickly since I have the luxury of living close by.


After lunch it’s back to work. There’s Brandon – we like to help each other out during the work day while having a little fun!


Snack time! We’re big snackers here.


After a productive day at the office it’s finally time to head home!


Every day after work I get to come home to these 2! They are ready for their walk.

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