A Day in the Life — Account Coordinator

The beauty of my job is every day is an adventure. Each day bring its own to do lists, tasks and deadlines. From job writing to email and blog execution, brainstorming, emails, client meetings, it is all in a day’s work.

6:15am — Rise and Shine!

My mornings start with a coffee date with my 18 month old daughter. Coffee for me, milk for her.

We manage to get ready and out the door on time and hit the road to start our day. Carson has no time to stop for a picture.

She gets dropped off at daycare and I make my way to the office.

8:30am — More coffee once I get settled in at my desk.

9:00am — Throughout the morning I work on some different client projects, answering emails, and writing up jobs.

10:30 am—Time for a refill, I drink at least 4 of these throughout the day, can never get enough water.

Lunch time — Sometimes I stay at the office, have lunch with the team or I head out to run some errands. Today, errands it is! The sun has finally showed its face again, which makes me happy.

1:30pm — Work my way through more client jobs, edits, and emails. My desk is often full of new and current job jackets, keeping things in the queue. Love seeing the amazing ideas our creative team comes back with.

4:30pm — I wrap up my day around 4:30, put on some good jams, and head home. Once I get home, I start my other full time job as mom. After work, I hang out with my family, get a workout in, and get ready to do it all again the next day.

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