5 Easy Ways to Improve a New Website’s SEO

SEO Tips for New WebsitesIf you have a new website that isn’t coming up in the search engine results, use these tips to help improve its search engine optimization or SEO:

  1. Add Google Analytics – Tracking the visitors to your site can give you valuable information to help you improve your website. Sign up for a Google account here and follow the instructions to set up the code on your site or pass the information on to your web developer. Once the code is in place, you will start to see results within a day or two.
  2. Research Your Keywords – Getting started with search engine optimization for your website involves knowing something about your audience. What keyword phrases are they using to find your website? Getting this information means looking at your analytics, your competition’s websites and using your knowledge of your industry. Once you have written a list of the top keyword phrases that people will use to find your site, it’s time to adjust your website content to make sure it’s targeting those phrases.
  3. Getting Your Site SEO Ready – Check your site to see if there are any issues that prevent the search engines from indexing it. If you have a WordPress site look under Settings on the left and go to Reading. Make sure that the box that says “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” is not checked. If results are showing up in your Google Analytics account, this will also tell you if your site is being indexed properly.
  4. Write Page Titles and Descriptions – Make sure your great content gets found by writing page titles and descriptions that people will want to click. Don’t stuff them with keyword phrases but target your page to one or two phrases. Use your keyword phrases naturally on the pages of your website that relate to them. You can put them in the page titles and page description meta tags on your pages, posts and other content. If you have a WordPress site, you can install the free WordPress SEO plugin for help with updates to page titles and descriptions. Once installed and activated, you will see it below the edit window. Use it to help write page titles and descriptions that are the proper length. It’s best to have unique titles and descriptions for all content on your website.
  5. Get Listed – Set up Google Search Console using the same account as your Google Analytics account Go here to get started and verify your site. Bing offers a similar service here. Add a sitemap.xml link to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools to make sure all your content is indexed. You can use the link to the auto generated sitemap.xml in the WordPress SEO plugin for this.

Bonus Tip: Tell Everyone about Your Site – Share your website URL wherever you can. Make sure it’s in your email signature, on all of your online profiles and your marketing materials. Building links to your site and encouraging direct traffic will help build your site’s credentials.

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