3 things to include in your social media ads as a non-profit

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Social media advertising is one of the biggest keys to growth and success, especially in today’s landscape where social media is a prominent, daily source of exploration for so many. As a non-profit organization, it is your duty to inform people of your cause, why you do it, and how they can get involved. Your ad should put your brand on display and have a purpose. Learn more about what to include in your ads on social media.

  1. Establish a call to action:

An ad always serves a purpose, whether that be brand recognition, financial, or just general awareness, your ad needs to have an established function. It’s time to ask yourself, what do I want this ad to do? If the answer is to bring an increase in donations, then tack on a “donate now” button to your ad, or include language that mentions how and where people can contribute to your cause. If you’d like to boost your volunteer numbers, then be sure to use language showing you are looking for volunteers including a link to where they can sign up or learn more. Tell your audience what you’re looking for upfront so they don’t have to look for it themselves; that’s what makes an efficient ad.

  1. Incorporate your brand voice:

Establishing your brand voice should be number one on your list when it comes to creating an ad for your non-profit. This is essential to include in your social media ads as it might be the first time someone is seeing information about your organization. Most non-profits are focused on acts of service which often requires messaging that is short and meaningful. For example, if your brand slogan is, “Feeding the soul,” be sure to elaborate on that in your ad copy and include the keywords in the slogan to further amplify your message. Your ad copy should immediately convey what your organization is all about.

  1. Include compelling visuals:

If there’s one thing people notice on a social media ad, it’s the visuals. They have to be compelling in some way that will intrigue the viewer. Where should you begin with your image search? Look at your overall brand message and what services you are trying to provide, then think about how you can convey that all in one image. For example, if you provide meals to homeless people, pick a photo of a stack of food being passed out to those who need it. Here’s an image tip: Always use bright colors and people to make your ad even more noticeable. Whatever your ad image is, make sure it represents your brand to the fullest capacity. 

Add these 3 items to your social media ad checklist before you hit “publish” to always keep your brand top of mind. Don’t forget to establish the purpose of your ad and take advantage of the materials you already have at your fingertips to create an ad you’re proud to have represent your organization. 

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