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HARO’s: What They Are and How They Help Gain Media Impressions

HAROs (an acronym of the phrase Help a Reporter Out) are sort of the lifeblood of the PR world these days. For those unfamiliar with the …


Website Design Trends for Financial Institutions

In our growing digital world, brick-and-mortar financial institutions are gradually seeing fewer visitors over the years. Everything can be done from a browser window or …

True North font is one of our favorite fonts

We Love to Share: Our Favorite Fonts-Update!

Typography is one of the most important tools to convey information and we at The Cyphers Agency have our favorite fonts that are perfect for …

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Case Study: Grain Foods Foundation employs HARO strategy to gain unprecedented media impressions

In an article earlier this year, we discussed a strategic and proactive PR tactic using reporter online services like Help A Reporter Out (HARO) to …

Conversion optimization on a medical website

3 Simple Conversion Optimization Tips for Medical Practice Websites

Your website might be getting a lot of traffic but of those visits how many patients are contacting your office to schedule appointments? Scheduling an …


What Makes an Effective Logo/Brand for an Elective Medical Service

Trust. The first thought consumers subconsciously have when coming across any brand. When patients come across a medical or hospital logo and branding, it’s important …

Search for a Doctor on Google

Simple Search Engine Optimization for Medical Practice Websites

Discover which Content is Performing the Best When getting started with search engine optimization for a medical practice’s website, we use the site’s Google Analytics …

Cyphers Agency

Why to Hire an Integrated Marketing Agency?

When hiring an agency for your business’ marketing needs, a question you may be considering is whether to focus on a singular method to promote …

Educational Institution Case Study

Why Educational Institutions Should Use Case Studies for Self-Promotion

For educational institutions, and for many organizations in general, a lot of their reputation relies on how other people view them. There is a certain …


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