Senior Hispanic woman is sitting at table in casual dining restaurant. She is having meal with her adut children and grandchildren. Her mid-adult son has his arm around her and they are both smiling. Family is eating chips and salsa, and Tex-Mex or Mexican cuisine food and drinking water.

Addressing Hispanic Audiences in Restaurant Marketing

When putting together a comprehensive marketing plan for your restaurant business, it is very important to consider how different demographics make purchasing decisions and overall …

horse and puppy

2021 Super Bowl Ads: No Clydesdales, No Problem

In the days and weeks preceding our first (and hopefully last!) pandemic-era Super Bowl, much of the ad world’s focus was on how many big …

HUD (Heads up display) concept. Social networking servic. communication network.

Virtual Conference Planning: 3 Things for Trade Associations to Consider

As COVID-19 requires social distancing to remain intact, many trade associations are having to replan their upcoming conferences and host them virtually. However, restructuring a …

About Shavitz

Case Study: Shavitz Law Group Brand and Website Development

Challenge – Create a law firm brand and website that educates and motivates workers who may have a legal case against their employer to act. …

Photo series of a japanese podcaster making video podcast from his home studio.

Should Your Trade Association Launch a Podcast?

It’s no secret that the last few years have shown a boom in the podcasting industry. Many listeners now desire audio content that is on-demand, …


How Educational Institutions Can Turn One Media Placement Into Several

Much like good work begets more work in the business world, good content can lead to more opportunities in the media world. With this in …

Financial institution blog

Why Your Financial Website Needs to be Up to Date with Design Trends

Your financial website needs to be up to date with the latest design trends to help convert visitors to members. During your next update or …

Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 4.16.00 PM

Favorite Campaigns in a Year Not So Favorite

It’s end of year “List” time again. The top this, the top that… In our world, we often talk about the best TV spots most …

Marketing Your Optometry Practice

Growing Appointments for Medical Practices, Even During the Pandemic

The best way to combat fear of making appointments is by communicating your practice’s COVID-19 safety procedures.

Beautiful african-american ethnicity woman sitting confidently in office looking away

Insights on Women as a Key Audience for Financial Brands

Women serve as a powerful demographic to a financial brand’s audience and they should not be overlooked as a key customer. However, research shows that …


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