Steve Adams, PR Coordinator, Weighs in on Office Relocation Survey by Clutch

Steve Adams, PR Coordinator, provided his perspective on The Cyphers Agency’s relocation in response to a Clutch survey of 503 employees who had moved office spaces with their current business in the past 10 years.

Featured in How Businesses Can Relocate Offices Successfully, Steve focused on the survey finding that 68% of employees felt their office relocation positively benefited themselves and their coworkers. He discussed his initial apprehension about the relocation, how the agency’s leaders made it a positive change, and how the new office feels like home.

The section featuring Cyphers and Steve reads:

The Cyphers Agency, a mid-size marketing firm in Maryland, relocated last year due to its growing size after 30 years in the same location. The move, however, disrupted employees’ commutes. Public Relations Coordinator Steve Adams, for example, saw his commute increase from 4 minutes to 25 minutes.

“The majority of us were at least somewhat worried about how the move would change our daily lives,” Adams said. “As someone who lived 4 minutes from the old office and often went home for lunch, I, for one, was very stressed and, admittedly, a bit scared of the impending change.”

Other employees at The Cyphers Agency were nervous about the office move at first because they became accustomed to the office’s location. CEO Dave Cyphers, however, met with employees and eased their concerns.

“Dave took the time to speak with each of us, one-on-one, about how we felt and what we thought and even provided each of us a budget so that we could personalize our new space,” Adams said. “We also all participated in the move, making it seem like we had some ownership over the process and entering our ‘new home’ as a team.”

The company’s CEO understood employee concerns about the office move and took time to speak with each of them. Now, employees are happy with the office space, regardless of their new commute, because it features benefits such as personalized workspaces for employees, an upstairs lounge, and free parking.

The Cyphers Agency’s new office reduced employee concerns about their commute.

“It’s a cliché, but our new office really does feel like home,” Adams said.

Adams believes a better office space is worth the longer travel to work, despite his initial apprehension.

A business’s higher-ups should listen to employee feedback and desires when moving offices to help ease challenges, just like Cyphers did.


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