Kristin Dyak, Cyphers Digital Marketing Director, Offers Tips On Retaining Your Social Media Followers

Kristin Dyak, Digital Marketing Director at The Cyphers Agency, was featured in a GoodFirms research report, Top Reasons A Brand Gets Unfollowed on Social Media.

In light of the study finding that 79% of people said they unfollow brands on social media because they were no longer interested in its content, the article featured Dyak’s commentary on how important it is for brands to maintain a consistent voice and message:

Kristin Dyak, digital marketing director of The Cyphers Agency that specializes in branding and advertising, points out the subtlety of being relevant for brands on social media. She says, “The content should always speak for the brand and relate directly to the audience. The more the audience sees themselves as an extension of the brand, and value the information they receive as a follower, the more they’ll continue to follow and engage with the content.”

For brands, the issue is not with leveraging a varied range of content or even riding different trends. But, what brands need to understand is that while being adaptive and explorative, they need to be consistent with their brand voice.

Kristin explains, “… the most important thing to do to keep them is to keep your brand’s voice and message consistent. A slight change in the integrity of your content, even just for a temporary sales campaign, can quickly result in someone unfollowing your page.”

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