Steve Adams, Cyphers PR Coordinator, Talks Workplace Toys

Steve Adams, Public Relations Coordinator at The Cyphers Agency, discussed the benefits of the Corhnhole game in the office’s upstairs lounge in a Business Management Daily article, Workplace playtime! The benefits of desktop toys and gadgets.

Adams was featured in the Games section:

Whether you spend a few moments trying to figure out how to put a Jack Puzzle back together or invite a passerby to shoot a few hoops into a mini basketball net with you, games offer a chance to recharge.

Steve Adams of The Cyphers Agency, an integrated marketing firm, notes the value of having a Cornhole game in the company’s creative lounge.

“It serves to give writers, designers and web developers a break from whatever creative block they may hit (even if we’re just playing alone),” he says. “It also brings together co-workers from different departments through impromptu games. It even initiates a project brainstorm, when two, four or six employees set up a white board next to the game and throw out their ideas while literally throwing bean bags.”

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