ResTech News Publishes Restaurant Loyalty Blog by Kristin Dyak, Digital Marketing Director

Customer loyalty programsThe Wednesday, December 11, 2019 edition of ResTech News, a Twitter digest of the day’s top restaurant news, included a blog by Kristin Dyak, Digital Marketing Director at The Cyphers Agency.

Kristin’s blog, how to promote restaurant loyalty programs on social media, provided the following five tips on promoting your loyalty program to current and potential customers:

1. Here’s What You Get

Customers want to know exactly what they’re receiving when joining a loyalty program. Most programs are free to join, but clearly stating the benefits can persuade an ambivalent potential member. Information gets lost pretty quickly on social media feeds. Feature the perks of your loyalty program in the copy of your posts so that your audience doesn’t have to go far to feel compelled to sign up.

2. Make Them Feel Important

Your customers want to feel like they’re part of something special – something exclusive. Although you want to clearly state the perks of the loyalty program in the social media content, it’s important to leave a bit of mystery that ignites come curiosity. This could include additional benefits that are revealed once a customer is signed up or monthly surprise benefits that keep members around. This can be incorporated into monthly social media content that includes an intriguing perk along with an alluring teaser.

3. The Power of Thumb Stopping Assets

No matter how wonderful the loyalty program might be, it doesn’t get very far without thumb stopping messaging and imagery. Choose a creative asset (video or static image) that catches a scroller’s attention while still embodies the restaurant’s brand. The creative asset should catch the audience’s attention, while the copy includes more details about the benefits and registration process. All social media posts must be concise, creative and on-brand.

4. This Is How You Sign Up

They’re interested and informed, now it’s time to finish the transaction. When it comes to signing up for loyalty programs – the simpler, the better. Create a clear call to action – “Click here to sign up” – that directly takes the customer to the sign-up page. From there, the process should be streamlined and include basic information, such as email address and phone number. Explain the straight-forward nature of the sign-up process to your social media posts to reassure your audience that it’s a quick and easy clickthrough.

5. Speak to Your Audience Per Platform

Tweak content per social media platform based on the audience that’s found on that platform. The best way to know who your audience is on each platform is through analysing the results of our content. Test creative approaches, messages and call to actions with different types of posts. Then take a look at the results and see if there’s a difference in your demographics, which can be found per post on Facebook and Instagram. Typically, older audiences are more present on Facebook in comparison to younger audiences on Instagram. In that case, certain perks that appeal to an older audience should be predominantly on Facebook where other perks should be front and center on Instagram.

Promote your quality rewards program on social media in order to reach the right audience on each platform. The social media platforms provide direct access to current and potential customers that will not only be enticed to sign up for a loyalty program, but engage with the content on the restaurant’s social account. This provides a more supportive community where both customers and the restaurant owners can feel excited to coexist.

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