Darren Easton, Cyphers VP & Creative Director, Talks Rebranding

Darren Easton, Cyphers VP & Creative Director, discussed the pros and cons of rebranding with FitSmallBusiness.

Focusing on what businesses should consider before deciding to carry out a rebrand, Darren’s top tip was featured in How to Rebrand Your Business in 5 Steps.

His full commentary reads:

1. Remember That Rebranding Is an Investment

Good rebranding requires a very significant investment: first, in the research and development process; and second, in the implementation of not only a new logo, colors, and tagline, but also all communication and content, which must deliver your new voice. This investment makes rebranding quite a risky endeavor. So, if sales are simply flat and you see rebranding as a quick solution, or if you don’t have the resources to do it right, you should resist the temptation.

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