Darren Easton, Cyphers VP & Creative Director, Offers Top Tip For Medical Practice Marketing in 2020

Darren Easton, Cyphers VP and Creative Director, offered Health eCareers his top tip for what marketing strategy medical practices should focus on in the new year.

Health E CareersFocusing on Cyphers’ extensive experience performing online reputation management for Anne Arundel Dermatology, a leading East Coast provider of both general and cosmetic dermatology, Darren discussed why medical practices should invest in protecting their and their individual clinicians’ online reputation above all else.

Featured as the second of ten tips in Market Like You Mean It: 10 Tips for Employer Success in the New Year, his full commentary reads:

Whether you actively create it or not, your practice and your clinicians do have a presence online on countless company and clinician review sites.

Given that a significant portion of your current and potential patients will likely look you up on these sites, and that a significant portion of current patients will also take it upon themselves to leave positive or negative reviews, it’s essential that your practice does whatever it can to protect and improve its online reputation.

This requires:

  • 1) an investment of marketing dollars in actively monitoring your review pages,
  • 2) addressing negative reviews and seeking to rectify them offline, in order to demonstrate that you value patient satisfaction, and finally
  • 3) addressing positive reviews, perhaps even sharing a select number on your social channels and website, to demonstrate that you appreciate positive feedback.

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