Cyphers VP & Creative Director Says Communication & Ability to Take Criticism Key for Graphic Designer Success

6 Overlooked Qualities of a Stand-Out Graphic DesignerDarren Easton, Cyphers VP & Creative Director, defined the ability to communicate clearly and concisely and the ability to accept constructive criticism as two of the most important “soft skills” of a successful graphic designer in a Rasmussen College blog post, “6 Overlooked Qualities of a Stand-Out Graphic Designer.”

Darren’s commentary was featured in the following two sections:

2. Clear and concise communication

“Design and marketing should never be done in a vacuum. Our business is always collaborative,” says Darren Easton, vice president and creative director at The Cyphers Agency. Graphic designers work together with project managers, copywriters, clients and more to get the job done. Strong verbal and written communication skills are essential to keeping everyone on the same page.

“You must be able to communicate your skills, provide rationale for your designs and recommend suggestions,” Easton says. “If you cannot communicate with the team effectively, the result will fail.”

4. The ability to accept constructive criticism in stride

No one likes to have their work picked apart, but constructive criticism comes with the territory in graphic design. Designers must always be ready to share their work with clients and others on their team and accept feedback graciously so they can improve their work.

“Throughout your entire career, you will always report to the client,” Easton says. That’s why he believes the best graphic designers have developed thick skin. They can take constructive criticism without getting defensive, and they can incorporate the best suggestions into their design to make a better finished product.

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