Cyphers Social Team Offers Food Photography Tips to Weight Watchers Canada

Kristin Dyak, Digital Marketing Director, and Digital Marketing Coordinators Bridget Brady and Kelly Flanagan were featured in Lights, camera, post! How to take Instagram-worthy food photos., providing tips based on their experience taking a wide variety of photos for clients such as Seasons Pizza and the Grain Foods Foundation.

Food Photography Weight Watchers Canada

Here’s their full contribution:

The Cyphers Agency digital marketing team (made up of digital marketing director Kristin Dyak and digital marketing coordinators Bridget Brady, and Kelly Flanagan) suggests finding an editing app that you love and becoming an expert with it.

“There are a ton of photo editing apps to choose from, so it’s essential to find one that not only provides the capabilities you need but is also easy for you to use.”

Dyak, Brady, and Flanagan also offer these two tips:

Take far more photos than you think you need

“You can never have too many pictures! You can always delete them, so our rule of thumb is to take twice as many pictures as you think you’ll need, and to make sure you take them from slightly different angles, with different lighting and new arrangements if there is more than one object in the photo.”

Don’t be afraid to improvise

“Putting food anywhere and everywhere and using things that we find around the office as architectural tools has helped us tremendously. For example, when it was time for a photoshoot with cereal and we weren’t sure how long it would take, we crumpled up paper towels in the bottom of the bowls so it would appear as if there was milk in the bowl, but we wouldn’t jeopardize the crunchy texture of the cereal.”

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