Cyphers Digital Marketing Director Discusses Ed Cal Blunders with Sharethis

Kristin Dyak, Digital Marketing Director at The Cyphers Agency, was featured in a article, 30 social media pros reveal the biggest mistakes companies make in creating a social media calendar.

Dyak responded to the question, “What’s the biggest mistake companies make in creating a social media calendar?”, with the following three tips:

Mistake #1: Not looking ahead. A significant benefit of a social media editorial calendar is to see an overview of events and announcements that should be incorporated into social media content over a period of time, so it’s essential to look ahead.

“How to make sure you do: Plan to collaborate with those who have insight into what events and announcements are expected in the coming months. This initial collaboration helps to include information that might not be top-of-mind for those creating the calendar but should be mentioned on social media channels. First, create an overview of the next quarter. Be sure to include both confirmed and tentative content that should be included during those months. Then, a couple weeks before the start of the next month, develop a more granular monthly calendar that includes the known content and leaves room for posts that may occur closer to the date.

Mistake #2: Not allowing flex days for real time content. Although planning out the calendar in advance is a great starting point, the nature of social media content tends to be more real-time. An overly produced editorial calendar doesn’t leave room for timely posts.

“How to make sure you do: Leave flex days in your calendar that allows for evergreen content to be moved when a real-time post is necessary. There’s a bit of guessing that comes with knowing when to place these flex days, but as the ongoing calendars are created, it will become easier to know how many days and which days are best for this flexible space.

Mistake #3: Not balancing your content. Promotion of your brand is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about marketing. Social media lends itself to a slightly different strategy due to the conversational nature of the each platform. When developing your social media content calendar, it’s important to have a balance of content that includes self-promotion, industry integration, and highlighting a community presence.

“How to make sure you do: Indicate the content category that each post falls into on the monthly calendar. We recommend color-coding the calendar to be able to see a visual overview that shows whether there’s a proper balance among posts on all platforms.”

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